Blog | September 6, 2007

Wendy talks about bringing kids to the concert

We’ve gotten a few questions in the comments about whether it’s a good idea to bring children to the concert. I can’t answer for you and your family but I can tell you what to expect.

Children under 2 do not need a ticket but older children do.

The day is long- doors open at 12 and the music starts at 12:30. We expect the show to end at 11pm.

While there are lots of fun things to do there is not a special kids area. There will be exhibits and things to see (like chickens and bees) but the activities are not geared specifically for children.

There will be plenty of fantastic tasting and healthy food. Everything from burritos to fresh fruit.

Personally, I have brought my daughter every year since she was almost 2. While I work, she and my husband wander around, enjoying the day. Now that she’s 6 she looks forward to specific things- watching the lighting guys work on the stage-seeing what sponsors are giving away at their booths-meeting farmers at the FarmYard tent.

But we have always brought an activity bag for her to for those downtimes when she just lost interest in the music and people around her.

I think families can have a great day at Farm Aid as long as they are willing to walk around and investigate all that we have to offer!

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