Blog | November 9, 2009

Update on Ohio Issue 2

HildeThank you to everyone who spread the word about Ohio Issue 2 in last week’s election. We were inspired by the many emails we received from Farm Aid supporters willing to speak up, raise awareness and rally neighbors against this dangerous constitutional amendment that threatens the very premise of democracy. Despite a good effort from the grassroots, the ballot initiative passed last week.

With relatively few resources and limited time, it proved difficult to counter the deceptive messaging of the multimillion dollar, corporate agri-business-backed campaign. With the help of our partner organizations we plan to keep a close eye on the development of Ohio’s Livestock Care Standards Board to ensure there are sufficient checks and balances in place and opportunities for family farmers to get a shot at fair representation.

We will keep you in the loop, and please let us know if a similar measure comes to a state near you. This may feel like another case of David v. Goliath, but we all know good food from family farms is more than worth the uphill battle.

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