Blog | February 11, 2009

Track Your Chicken!

MattMurray’s is a brand of chicken I’m not personally familiar with, but is one that I’m now curious about thanks to a blog post over at Eat me daily. Murray’s labels go way beyond the new country-of-origin labeling rules that are going into effect; showing you the farm where your chicken was raised.

You just punch in a code on Murray’s “Track Your Chicken” page and it gives you a map and information about the farm where the chicken came from. A satellite map allows you to get zoom in for a closer view of conditions at the farm. Additionally, farmers can write their own text to display when you track one of their chickens.

As we consumers demand more information about the way our food is grown or raised, I think tools like this will become more widespread. When you can’t visit the farm or chat with the farmer at the market, at least you can get some more details about the food you feed your family. The more information we have the smarter choices we can make.

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