Blog | July 14, 2006

the staff sells FarmYard tickets

Today we sold tickets to our FarmYard members. At 9am ET the ticketing was turned on and except for a few glitches went smoothly. By 9:30 we were down to 150 tickets from the 1,400 we started with and by noon the tickets were gone.

We never anticipated them going that fast but I guess we should have expected it because we have so many supportive fans.

We can’t put up more pavilion tickets, we have to save some for Ticketmastet but we are going to sell lawn tickets to the FarmYard for the next few days. We know it’s not as good as being down front but the lawn is a great place to rock out.

Besides…it’s a little known fact that we always give away a few front row seats to the people who are having the most fun on the lawn (especially if they are at the extreme back of the lawn). Who knows? That could be you!

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