Blog | August 30, 2010

Support Nation Beat as They Spread the Word about Good Food From Family Farms

JenNation Beat, an amazing, indescribably-musically-diverse band who played at Farm Aid 2008, has a new project that we wanted to let you know about.

Building on what the band learned about food and farming at the Farm Aid concert, they wrote a song dedicated to family farmers and they’re working on producing a video.

They need your help to spread the word about family farmers!

As they explain it,

“GROWING STONE” is a song about the plight of the family farmer written when we were invited to perform with Willie Nelson at the 2008 farm Aid concert. At the time of the concert we were not aware how strong the movement to help save the family farmer from the corporate Agribusiness was until looking out and seeing over 20,000 people supporting the cause. We met local farmers and attended a seminar/Q&A with Willie, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews. It was an eye opening experience hearing the statistics and hardships of family farmers during this seminar. It was also very inspiring to hear the positive stories and to meet small farmers who were successfully making a living. This is what our song “GROWING STONE” is about; the plight of the family farmer and how he/she will stand up and win and keep their land!

We could just record the song and stick it onto a CD where it will be bunched together with 13 other songs. But we don’t feel like this will do the song justice. We want to give this song special attention so that it’s heard all over the world and raises awareness to people of all ages and nationalities to start supporting their local farmers and farmers markets. In today’s society, sound alone sometimes doesn’t get the point across. We want to put images of real life farmers and show their success stories in this music video. We want to give people a personalized experience through this song by inviting farmers to participate in our music video. This song is about them…it’s their voice and we want them to be seen…not just heard.

So, we need you to help make this happen and to help spread the word. With your pledge we can make this music video a reality and help spread this cause to all parts of the word through the internet. And, if you feel like brushing up on your acting skills, contribute as an “associate producer” and you can be in the music video and show it to all your friends and family.

This is a very cool project indeed! If you’d like to lend a hand, click here!

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