Blog | July 1, 2014

Summer Memories

KariSummer is a time filled with farm and food memories. The season’s first taste of corn on the cob. The feel of soil on your hands, warm from the sun. Long days spent smelling the tall grass blowing in the breeze. Family farmers help make these memories possible and they grow the fresh summer food we enjoy.

Thanks to the support of people like you, Farm Aid has kept family farmers on the land. When you stand with Farm Aid, you honor the hard work of your community’s family farmers, and celebrate their commitment to the land and their neighbors.

Will you give a gift today to keep family farmers strong and resilient?

Farmers across the country are dealing with extreme weather conditions that threaten their livelihoods. This spring, a Texas farmer told us it’s too dry to even plant seeds. In the Midwest, the spring planting was far behind schedule because the fields were too wet to plant, and in the Northeast farmers’ fields were torn out by floods. Farm Aid recently made an emergency grant to a farm family when their farm was destroyed by a powerful tornado.

Farm Aid works with farmers to create long-term solutions in the face of dire threats like climate change. We’re helping them to make their farms and soil more resilient with good farming practices. We can’t do this vital, forward-thinking work without you.

My family has a long history of farming in Nebraska. We saw our share of tornadoes and unpredictable weather, like we have again this June with the devastation in Pilger. I was always inspired by our community’s ability to come together and rebuild. We found a way to come back even stronger by renewing our commitment to each other and to the land. When I first learned about Farm Aid, I was in awe that people like Willie, Neil, John and Dave saw us and valued us.

It meant a lot then, and even more now as I work in this community that we’ve created together. When you give to Farm Aid you join these dedicated artists to let family farmers know that we see how important they are for all of us.

Please make a gift to support Farm Aid. Your contribution will ensure America’s family farmers will stay on the land growing good food for all of us. Enjoy your summer!

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