Blog | December 27, 2016

When we strengthen family farmers, we are all stronger

by Carolyn Mugar

Many kind people have donated to Farm Aid this year – and that’s crucial because we rely on the generosity of people like you to do the hard work to keep family farmers strong. People often share with us why they believe in Farm Aid’s work. This message really resonates with me:

I have been a supporter of Farm Aid for quite some time, and I have been to countless Farm Aid concerts. There is so much genuine dedication within this organization, and I am proud to be part of it! – Ginna

When I joined Farm Aid in 1985, I didn’t have a background in farming. But like Ginna, I could see the dedication of Willie, John and Neil, and all the farmers who were working to save their farms and their neighbors’ farms. That commitment to family farmers has always inspired me. I am proud of our hard work.

This year, with your help, Farm Aid:


All of this extraordinary work makes a real difference in the lives of farm families, and all of us who eat. Farm Aid can’t do this work without you.

Please, give a gift right now to support family farmers and good food.

When we strengthen family farmers, we are all stronger.

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