Blog | September 2, 2009

Stop the Taxpayer Giveaway to Factory Farms

Mattfactory farm pigsDid you know that you’re a supporter of factory farms? You may not want to support factory farms, but if you pay taxes in America, your money goes to fund new and bigger factory farms. These industrialized operations churn out so much livestock that it floods the market and lowers the prices paid to family farmers, forcing them out of business. Between 1985 and 2007, the U.S. lost over 80% of our hog farms (going from 388,570 in 1985 to 73,150 in 2007), while the number of hogs kept on those farms skyrocketed from 117 to 835 (with some large factory farms, like the one Joel photographed, housing up to 50,000 hogs). For more information on the damage factory farms do to the environment, our health, and family farmers, see our fact sheet.

What can you do to help? Join the more than 3,000 others that have already signed our petition demanding an end to government policies that give taxpayer money to these destructive factory farms.

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