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Blog | April 30, 2019

A Season of Planting and Renewal

by Steve Snyder

To nurture their crops and sustain their livestock, farmers depend upon soil, water and air – the very resources most directly impacted by climate change. From floods and wildfires, to droughts and devastating storms, family farmers find themselves on the front lines of a changing ecosystem. They’ve become all too familiar with the extreme weather caused by climate change. The catastrophic flooding across the Midwest this spring is just the latest example of the weather challenges farmers face.

A flooded grain elevator. Photo: Jo Naylor

The good news is that family farmers who practice sustainable farming methods are an essential part of the climate solution. Farming practices that build soil, recycle nutrients and water, reduce chemical use and enhance biodiversity offer the greatest potential for a strong food and farm future.

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“I’ve always believed the most important people are the ones who plant the seeds and care for the soil where they grow.” – Willie Nelson

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