Blog | September 30, 2006

Ryan’s T-shirt Warning and Update on Cameras

So it turns out that the Philadelphia area is a top producer of concert boot-leg t-shirts. We have encountered this before at Farm Aid. People will sell t-shirts in the parking lot, for a “cheaper” price. When really, our t-shirts are cheaper than most concert t-shirts. Plus who would you rather give your money to? A street vendor who takes advantage of charity events or Farm Aid who is working to protect the family farm? You decide.

But if you decide incorrectly your shirt will be taken away. Seriously, it turns out that there is a dedicated police presence in the venue and parking lot looking for “fake” Farm Aid shirts. I wanted to post this as a heads-up. They will take your shirt from you and you will be out the money. So, buy your shirt inside at the t-shirt booths and avoid the problem.

So the other thing that has been coming up lately are cameras. The only cameras allowed in the venue (Tweeter) are general cameras..….nothing professional with extended lens and such.

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