Blog | September 30, 2006

Ryan Wonders Where to Begin

For those of you viewing the Webcast, you have just seen me give away tickets to nosebleed fans. I have been seriously messing up their last name. Sorry. But they are a true Pittsburgh family and were totally shocked. I even got a big hug. Katie from Farm Aid went out and found them sitting up against the fence in the farthest reaches of the lawn seats and brought them to me. They didn’t know why they were here. I love this part of the hosting. I really get some great reactions and the hug was a bonus.

I also got to interview my new pal Pauline Reese. She was the first act of the concert, opening in a song with Willie Nelson. She even gave my a cool t-shirt. We have plans to meet up after the concert and catch-up over some drinks.

There has been a little bit of rain coming down on the lawn seats, but there no one is complaining. We have hit the part of the concert where heavy hitters come on. Los Lonely Boys is on now. Jerry Lee Lewis of Great Balls of Fire fame is up next. Then of course you can expect our big four to perform with guests–o-plenty.

Catering has just served dinner and the crews have been lining up to get the finest food and desserts I have ever seen at the Farm Aid concert. And, after the completion of Govt’ Mule, the whole stage switched. Every box was moved at least twice. That is why we had to move the Webcast to the other location — a behind the scenes shot of the art trailers and the antics that happen back there.

So I am backstage typing this out as people are wheeling through. I just looked up and who was standing right there… Willie Nelson. He loves Los Lonely Boys and is taking in the great show they are putting on.

So stay tuned, when I can find the time I will keep you posted.

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