Blog | October 1, 2006

Ryan Reaches The End of Another Concert

We always hate it when Willie comes on because we know the end has arrived. But that means I can finally get to the computer to retell what has happened over the last hour or so. I was blocked off during Dave’s. The backstage was cleared out and only a select few were allowed in. I didn’t make the cut so I couldn’t post.

John likes to have the least amount of people on the stage while getting ready for his performance. That is so smart, he must have seen the chaos during Jerry Lee Lewis’s performance….

During Neil’s set the house stood still, waiting for his arrival on stage. The backstage was hushed and he came through and stood with a warm cup of coffee and then popped on stage with coffee in hadn’t still. I took a picture with my cell phone but alas- it didn’t make it.

During his performance, Willie and John huddled right where I had been during the Webcast, just soaking up Neil’s songs. The Willie went on stage to duet with Neil.

As the night progressed the stage became less and less clustered in wheeled boxes. By the time Dave came on stage, we had the whole stage-right.

Catering is closed. I am hungry. I have been filling myself with organic goodies, and I am sad that it will be much more difficult to find such treats. But that is our reason for being here. We are here to give more people the opportunity to have family farm fresh goodies available more of the time.

We have talked shop, seen stars, and dished the dirt. It really was fun, interviewing and meeting everyone from the peach queen to Mr Mikey to Govt Mule to Dave himself. Thanks for tuning in and see you next year.

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