Blog | September 30, 2006

Ryan Made it Backstage (Finally!)

So, including a detour through downtown Camden, the trip to backstage went well. Who knew that tolls cost $5 and $3? That could have paid for some fun Farm Aid souvenirs.

But we made it!

The Tweeter Center is truly right on the waterfront, so bring a coat since there seems to always be a breeze. But it is beautiful.

The backstage is a little different than in years past. It is really small and intimate. The artist trailers are packed so tight that I think they are breeding. I swear I saw a little trailer come out of the middle.

The Farm Aid trailer, er, area is a gym that is tucked away to the right of the stage, behind the indoor food court. (By the way, there are food courts everywhere!) So we are lined up working at our tables throughout this gym. Before we used to have private trailers, but now all our twisted backstage humor will open for almost everyone to hear.

So this year we are trying something new. I will be moonlighting from my blog to host the Webcast of the concert. Make-up please!

I toured through the stage to see where I will be broadcasting from. I am directly stage right of all the acts on the stage. While tooling through backstage, I saw Neil Young, decked out in jeans and flannel. (I wasn’t kidding-it is cold!)He was hanging out with the tech crew that is setting the sound and lights for the stage. Just a few steps to his right is his equipment trailer. I have seen trailers but this one is amazing. Hardwood floors, shiny guitars and drums and walls lined with pro hockey jerseys.

The stage is decked in its Farm Aid regalia. Sound and light crew are scurrying up the rope ladders to pinpoint lights.

I also had a conversation with one of Dave Matthews’ crew that is getting ready for a sound check. He was prepping the guitars just off stage near my interview area. Then I snuck around back to take a quick peek at his sound check. Please forgive the grainy cellphone picture…but I would to prove that this is not all an figment of my warped mind.

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