Blog | September 8, 2007

Ryan Happily Groans with a Full Stomach

Across the way from my air conditioned trailer is the catering tent for the staff, crew and artists. While I just arrived today, these dedicated culinary artists have been hard at work since Thursday. They were feeding people before the stage was even built.

The tent earlier had billowing plumes of aroma flying all over the backlot. With mixtures of chicken, fresh herbs, grilled onions and eggplant and squash, it was almost too much to take. Plus I had to wait another hour and half before I could fix a heaping plate. I first had to get the lay of land via a tour showing where all the hot spots are located.

So back to the food – it’s unbelievably great! Now granted it is not often I get a good organic meal – I know I should practice what I preach. I do however have more than most people – and that is the point. I should change the routine – you should change the routine. And boy could the new routine be yummy!

I talked with Jeffery Miller, President of the catering company, Whose Catering, who is making everyone’s stomach full and mouths water. The dinner tonight was a choice of different mixed greens and an assortment of toppings from grape tomatoes to sliced carrots. The soup was a mushroom minestrone type – I am not a fan of mushrooms but that soup was an eye-opener and very good, even on a hot day. The main course that crew, staff and artist crew had the pleasure of eating was a choice of three organic meats – turkey in a juicy sauce, pork in a hollandaise sauce and perfectly cooked chicken. To top it off were sides of golden potatoes– cooked to just the right tenderness along with carrots. I may have missed some items, but that is all I could fit on my plate.

Whose Catering – hailing from New York’s own Bronx, has certainly showed us that a homemade meal, with homegrown food it a home run.

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