Blog | September 4, 2014

#Road2FarmAid: Patchwork Family Farms

Road2FarmAidEvery year as summer turns to fall, Patchwork Family Farms begins to plot our annual trek to Farm Aid. We’ve been a part of Farm Aid festivities since 1985 and we’ve sold our family-farm raised pork since 1998. Our group of Missouri farmers take a vacation from their farms every year to come to Farm Aid and all they want to do on that vacation is go on farm tours and serve great pork to hungry concert goers. Now, that’s true commitment!

Patchwork Family Farms serves up quality pork, including pork chops, brats, and ham steaks. Our hogs are raised outdoors with access to fresh air and sunshine. We don’t use growth promoters or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Our pork chops are center-cut from the loin (the best part of the hog!). Our ham is hand-cured in small batches with no water added. It really is ham the way it ought to be! To prepare all our chops, brats and hams, we use local butchers to support our rural communities.

From there, we load up our truck and trailer, grab 20 or so of our favorite farmers and friends, and head out to North Carolina to start our whirlwind weekend of fun, farms and hard work! Our folks enjoy the journey to Farm Aid and the chance to travel around the country. Last year after we left New York, we stopped at Niagara Falls and this year we’re looking forward to driving through the Smoky Mountains.

As you’re preparing to head to Farm Aid, make sure you include a stop at our booth in your Farm Aid experience. You can’t miss us in our red “Stop Factory Farms!” T-shirts. We’ll be there to greet you with a smile and some great tasting pork.

Farm Aid, here we come!

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