Blog | June 30, 2006

Nahreen stalks anyone wearing a Farm Aid shirt

It’s a well known fact in our office that I love Farm Aid merchandise. You can be sure that at least once a week, I’ll come to work wearing either a Farm Aid T-shirt or my blue 20th anniversary hoody.

But you know what I love more than wearing the merchandise I pack and send out weekly? Seeing complete strangers out and about wearing our Farm Aid stuff! And, not only do I think it’s cool, but often, I feel it’s my duty to approach the perfect stranger and introduce myself! (Consider this a warning to all those wearing anything that says Farm Aid.)

A few months ago, I was window shopping in Gloucester, a sea-side town about 40 miles north of our office, when I noticed a man behind a counter in a print shop across the street, wearing a familiar looking shirt. I did a double take, and sure enough, it was the Farmers Kick A$$ T-shirt. I considered playing it cool, just walking away–what any normal person would do. But nope, I couldn’t. I had to walk into the store to inquire about the shirt. Doing my best not to scare the poor guy, I said, “Hi, I have a strange question,” and proceeded. I asked if he ordered his shirt online, but he didn’t. I asked if he was at the concert this past summer in Tinley Park, but he wasn’t. Just as I was ready to ask how he got his shirt, he said, “I designed this shirt!”

Turns out he was our T-shirt designer, KC Hruby! This year KC’s at it again, dreaming up tshirt designs for our upcoming concert. I can’t wait to see the fantastic stuff he comes up with! In the meantime, I’ll keep looking for folks spreading the Farm Aid word with their shirts!

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