Blog | August 19, 2013

Music Monday Celebrates Willie Nelson

MattThis week’s Music Monday celebrates Willie Nelson with his set from Farm Aid II, which took place outside Austin in Manor, Texas on July 4 on 1986. It may sound silly as someone who’s worked at Farm Aid for over five years, but I’ve been in a very "Willie" sort of mood lately. I recently picked up old copies of his Stardust, What A Wonderful World, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow albums and I find myself often putting them on while I’m making dinner or relaxing around the house.

Just a couple weeks ago, Willie performed Stardust in its entirety for the first time ever, at the Hollywood Bowl. While I was at home a couple thousand miles away, I can look forward to seeing him at Farm Aid 2013 in another month and in the meantime I’ll look back at some of the classic moments he’s had on stage over the past 28 years at Farm Aid.

This video playlist includes both his own set and a few of the collaborations he had throughout the day at Farm Aid II (like with Julio Iglesias and Waylon Jennings). Hopefully this year’s concert will include more of those one-of-a-kind duets. Enjoy!

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