Blog | October 7, 2013

Music Monday Celebrates Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds at Farm Aid 2013

MattIf I had been looking more carefully at my Farm Aid Calendar, I would have dedicated today’s Music Monday to John Mellencamp, since today is his birthday. But, I guess I jumped the gun by posting his Farm Aid 2013 set last week — so check those videos out while you blow out a few candles in his honor today.

In any case, today we’ll look at videos of the performance by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds from Farm Aid 2013 (Dave’s 16th Farm Aid appearance. This year, they performed:

  • "Save Me"
  • "So Damn Lucky"
  • "Grace is Gone"
  • "Corn Bread"
  • "If Only"
  • "#41"
  • "Two Step"

Our YouTube channel has 1,300 other Farm Aid videos and we’ll be bringing you more Farm Aid 2013 videos in the coming weeks!

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