Blog | January 2, 2007

Link to articles about cloned meat

Over the holiday, the federal Food and Drug Administration moved a step closer to approving the introduction of cloned meat and milk into our food supply. This move has touched off a vigorous round of debate among various food and farm groups. Some think it’s okay, while others worry about cloning for food safety or ethical reasons. Some say if cloned foods are introduced,they should be labeled. For many, the notion of eating cloned meat or drinking milk from cloned cows makes them queasy.

Marian Burros of The New York Times wrote a balanced story on the subject (“You Are What You Eat: 2006 and the Politics of Food”) just before the start of the new year, and a Washington-based advocacy group, the Center for Food Safety, has been following cloning developments for a number of years. The Times article is referenced here, and you can find the CFS site here.

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