Blog | February 15, 2007

Link to article about groundbreaking court decision on GMO’s

Finally, someone with guts and common sense has applied the brakes to the runaway train of our increasingly genetically-altered food supply. Yesterday, for the first time ever, a federal judge ruled that the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture failed to comply with federal laws governing the testing of new genetically altered crops.

Back in 2005, the USDA had approved genetically engineered alfalfa without conducting a full Environment Impact Statement. A lawsuit was filed on behalf of family farmers, consumers and environmentalists to contest the USDA’s actions. That lawsuit was settled with yesterday’s ground-breaking court decision, which puts the government and their corporate allies on notice: Gone are the days of blank checks and rubberstamps passed between the corporate boardrooms and government regulatory agencies.

For a full account of this story, please see the New York Time for the article by Andrew Pollack, “U.S. Agency Violated Law in Seed Case, Judge Rules”.

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