Blog | December 8, 2011

Lauren’s Farm and Food Roundup

LaurenThis sounds familiar: the larvae-killing gene Monsanto put into its corn is no longer killing larvae. Looks like this newest generation of pests has once again developed a resistance to Monsanto’s latest attempt to thwart them through genetic engineering. This situation calls to mind a quote from Albert Einstein: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

In related news, Hungarian government regulators called for 1,000 acres of maize to be plowed under in July after finding that some of the area had been planted with genetically modified seeds from Monsanto (genetically modified seeds are banned in Hungary). No resistant corn-munching larvae for Hungary!

An overview and photos of the Farmers’ March in New York, organized by Occupy Wall Street’s food justice committee.

Anne Lappé dissects the arguments of opponents to the local and sustainable food movement, explaining what is left out when they make claims of inefficiency, lower-than-genetically-engineered crop yields and high costs.

So maybe we invented the iPad, but we have a thing or two to learn from generations past. Scroll across the decades shown in this infographic to see the changing (and growing) sources of Americans’ calories.

Some farmers are choosing horsepower over tractors, offering their land natural fertilizer, less soil compaction and a slower pace of life–no oil required.

An infographic breaking down the real meaning of food insecurity. One out of seven households in the U.S. was food insecure at some point in 2010.

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