Blog | November 27, 2007

Laura’s Thanksgiving dinner

We are working hard to choose the winners for our Homegrown Thanksgiving menu contest.

The entries look really good at this point and picking the winners is going to be tough. In the meantime, here is a little update about how my menu shaped up:

My first Thanksgiving was a great success! The bird was fantastic, thanks to brining and a hot, fast trip to the oven. We were able to stay pretty close to the menu that I laid out last week.

The only ingredient that I couldn’t source locally or organically were our sweet potatoes. I was surprised by that one) and um… the crescent rolls that I couldn’t bear to part with. I suppose I’m not a purist after all! Other changes included using butternut squash instead of pumpkin in my pie because I didn’t store the pumpkins from my CSA properly and they rotted. Everyone enjoyed the meal, the stories about the food and where it came from and, most importantly, we all ate too much!

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