Blog | August 10, 2007

Laura Gives Some Hints about Farm Aid’s First Festival

In case you haven’t already gathered, we are doing things a little differently this year! Yesterday, Glenda blogged about all the awesome food we are going to be serving at the show this year. I can’t wait to chow down! But that’s not all that will be different about the show this year. We are putting together a whole bunch of hands on, interactive, get-your-hands-dirty exhibits about the world of food and farming. We hope to show you things like healthy soil, how to make alternative fuels, the connection between farms and clean water, how plants can flourish in a city like NY and maybe, if you are very lucky, how farm animals jive to our rockin’ line-up.

By the end of the day, I promise that you will have had a chance to smell, taste, feel and see the world of New York family farmers. Come ready to play, plunge your hands into the soil, and ask questions. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about Farm Aid’s very first HOMEGROWN Festival.

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