Blog | November 9, 2006

Katie talks to the O.C.

Several months ago, I received a call from a woman at Warner Bros. television…

Her—Are you familiar with the television show The O.C.?

Me—YES! I watch it every Thursday and then I come into work the next day and discuss what happened on the show with my coworker (Laura, of Ask Laura fame) if we haven’t already discussed everything on the phone as soon as the closing credits began to roll after the show. I can’t believe how last season ended!

Her (trying to get a word in as I finally stop for breath)—In this upcoming season, the Summer Roberts character will get very involved in environmental causes. We’d very much like to decorate her room with posters and literature from groups like yours.


Her—Would this be possible?

Me—Are you serious?!?! Farm Aid on The O.C.?!?! YEAH!!

The rest of the phone call consisted of me trying to get plot details out of the representative from Warner Bros. television (none of which were forthcoming) and working out details of where to send the goods.

Time passes and it is the night of Thursday, November 2nd. At 9 pm my friends and I gather around the television to watch the season premiere of The O.C. The rep from Warner Bros. was right! Summer Roberts—who up to this point was a shallow (yet lovable) character—is really into environmental causes.

Laura and I keep our eyes peeled for any sign of the Farm Aid logo: a poster, a t-shirt, anything! We are a little disappointed (though not in the episode, of course) when the end credits start to roll.

Me—That stinks! I didn’t see anyth…

I’m shushed as scenes from next week’s episode come on the screen.

Laura—Look! What’s that on the hook on the back of Summer’s door?

Me—It’s a tote bag!


A good deal of girlish shrieking ensues. Though it is nothing to the excitement that comes when Laura and I tell everyone at the office the next day that Farm Aid is going to be on The O.C.

So make sure you watch Fox on Thursday, November 9th at 9 pm and look out for the Farm Aid tote bag!!

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