Blog | May 15, 2008

Kari says HOLY COW!!

A cow in Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Somerset, England is hoping to get his
shot at the Guinness Book of World Records. Chilli stands at 6ft 6ins and
weighs well over a ton. His handlers say he was dropped off, along with four
other calves, at the end of their driveway. Nine years on, Chilli has kept
on growing, and staff believe the giant will smash a record for Britain’s
tallest ever cow. Naomi Clarke, manager at the sanctuary, said: “As Chilli
was growing up we began noticing that he was bigger than our other cows.”

And don’t be alarmed readers, Chilli eating ‘swedes’ isn’t as gruesome as it
sounds! Apparently to our British counterparts a swede is a turnip or
Rutabaga, a root vegetable that originated as a cross between the
cabbage and the turnip. Its leaves can also be eaten as a leaf vegetable. Sounds
like our moms were right when they told us to eat our vegetables!

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