Blog | May 17, 2011

John and Kate Bike For Food

KariJohn and Kate Suscovich are a passionate duo. They have ridden over 1,000 miles in the last year on their touring bikes, visiting farms around the Northeast United States. This is in addition to bicycle commuting and racing. But they’re about to set off on their biggest adventure yet!

As of April 30, John is on the road again, cycling from New York City and heading South, for a trial run of the two-year voyage that he and Kate will take together (after she graduates at the end of May!), on their bikes, across the U.S. and then the world! They have pledged a commitment to Farm Aid and hope to raise $1 for every mile they ride to support our work! As you can see on their route map below, they plan to cover about 24,000 miles.

Their mission? To see how good food is produced, and learn why supporting our local family farmers when we shop is so important. They want to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers with the knowledge they pick up along the way. You can follow their adventure at their blog, Food Cyclist.

John and Kate will also be promoting good food and healthy lifestyles. They hope their effort will encourage people to think about what they put on their plates and into their bodies. They want to capture the differences in food production, farmer stories and farming techniques from all over the world.

The Suscovich’s will kick off their tour on May 28, with a party dedicated to Farm Aid at Roberta’s in Brooklyn, New York. Please click here for tickets so you can support Farm Aid and this quest for good food!

Good luck, John and Kate! And thanks for spreading the word about good food from family farms!

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