Blog | March 6, 2008

Jen plans for spring but Peter says, “I won’t let winter stop me!”

While I flip optimistically through seed catalogs, planning for planting while pining for spring, I’m inspired by those who garden throughout the long New England winter. Check out these fantastic photos of the handmade cold frame of Farm Aid friend Peter Bowne. Peter’s coldframe, covered in snow and warmed by just one lightbulb, produces fresh greens throughout our cold Massachusetts winter. Isn’t it a beauty? Fresh green tidings to keep us focused on spring… it’s just around the corner! Not that it makes much difference to Peter… although it would be nice to have some homegrown tomatoes to keep that cilantro company in a salsa! My next task? Convincing Peter to lead a coldframe workshop for those of us who want to grow our own greens next winter!

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