Blog | September 30, 2019

Growing in Tradition: Reconnecting with Our Agricultural Roots

The backdrop for Farm Aid 2019 was the farm economy and the resulting crisis farmers face, but at our press event before the festival kicked off, we wanted to look at the crisis in a different way—from a place of strength and determination. The press event highlighted farmers and farm advocates that help us understand how—despite challenges and uncertainties—so many farm families have stayed on the land for generations and continue to see a future in agriculture. The farmers on the Farm Aid 2019 stage represented so many farmers across the country who give us reasons for hope. Farmers are coming together to make change!

This video showcases two stories of farmers coming together to nurture their agricultural roots and bring about cultural change.

Oneida Nation members have come together to reclaim and reconnect with their agricultural roots by growing traditional white corn. Nearby, just outside Milwaukee, Vang Lee and his mother Yang Lee farm two acres, making a good living and bringing good food to their community.

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