Blog | January 23, 2008

Glenda and Carolyn find good food in Argentina!

Carolyn and I love to travel, and when we do, we try to visit farms, find organic food, and meet some farmers! We got to do all of that in Buenos Aires, Argentina, last week!

Here are a couple of highlights:

This photo is taken at a farm where a community is growing vegetables to share among themselves. The tomatoes looked luscious, but most of them weren’t ripe yet. The community is also doing education about the prevalence and threat of genetically modified (GMO) foods. (They’ve got a lot of GMO soy and corn in Argentina, much of it for export.)

I saw a wonderful “what’s in season” menu in a restaurant. You can build your own salad of selected organic ingredients, listed down the left of the menu. Across the top is the month of the year, and if a box on the grid is checked, that vegetable is available for your salad!

And we got to hang out with Pipo Lernoud, an organic activist, and sometime farmer. He is vice president of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Movements). Besides being a guy with serious agricultural knowledge, he is a funny, creative poet, and a writer for a major rock music magazine. Pipo’s wife owns El Rincón Orgánico, a home delivery service of organic food. What a concept!

It’s gratifying to know that around the world, people are growing their own while resisting industrial agriculture. Viva la agricultura orgánica!

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