Blog | January 22, 2009

For Matt, it’s time to celebrate… with organic wine?

MattThe Presidential Inauguration this week inspired a lot of us to celebrate with our favorite adult beverages. Is there a way to drink and keep it environmentally friendly? Yes! There are a growing number of organic liquors (especially vodka), but organic and biodynamic wines represent a great way to keep your drinking sustainable.

I’m no expert and occasionally resort to picking wine based on the label designs or the glowing recommendations of wine shop employees, but now I’ve got a great source of information in the Denver Wine Examiner. And better yet, the writer focuses exclusively on an organic wine each day (many of them quite affordable), often including a tasty recipe to go along with it. “Wine Basics” at the bottom of each page enlighten the non-experts such as me, which is a nice bonus.

So, Pinot Noir and Szechuan-Style Baby Back Ribs? Sounds like a good way to celebrate to me!

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