Blog | October 5, 2009

Five for farmers

Guest post by Will Valverde.
Five dollars doesn’t sound like a lot of money, not to a lot of people. It’s a couple gallons of gas, or a burger and fries at the drive-through, or even, depending on where you are, just a cup of coffee. But at Farm Aid, five dollars can make a huge difference.

That’s because Farm Aid understands something that farmers have known for a long time: many hands make light work, and small changes can add up to something huge. All day long, Farm Aid has been asking concertgoers to donate just $5 to help family farmers, and they’ve made it super easy to do: just text FARMER to 90999 and a $5 donation will be made (you’ll see it on your next cellphone bill). So far, more than a thousand people have texted in their gifts.

Small donations like these add up quick, and they’re what enables Farm Aid to continue their vital work helping America’s family farmers. So if you’re watching the webcast, seeing the show live on DIRECTV, or listening to the broadcast on Sirius XM, consider taking a moment between sets to text FARMER to 90999. Five dollars might not sound like much, but it can make all the difference in the world to the family farmers who rely on Farm Aid.

Of course, you can donate any amount you want online, quickly and easily. If you’ve been enjoying the show, if you know the value of Farm Aid’s work with family farmers, go ahead and make a gift. It’s a whole lot more satisfying (not to mention healthier) than that burger and fries.

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