Blog | January 26, 2009

Farmers Market Jealousy

MattI don’t know about where you live, but right now in the Boston area, there’s not much action at the local farmers markets. In fact, I don’t think there are any that run through the winter around here. So, when I see posts like this one on The Kitchn, I get extremely jealous. The site often runs photos from farmers markets around the country and today one from Los Angeles is featured.

Amazing Citrus
This photo is enough to make my mouth water! It’s enough to make me, a confirmed Winter-lover, extremely jealous of the warm weather it must take to grow all that citrus. I’m not quite ready to trade in my skis for a sun-hat just yet, but it’s nice to at least live vicariously through blogs posting their latest farmers market finds.

If you’re looking for more photos of bounty from farmers markets, check out this flickr group dedicated to celebrating “the joy of locally grown produce.” And hey, while you’re at flickr, stop by Farm Aid’s page and say hi!

The citrus photos on The Kitchn’s page are by Emily Ho and Gregory Han. I’m not sure which one took the above photo, but they both deserve our gratitude for sharing the beautiful photos.

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