Blog | September 20, 2008

Farm Aid Trivia: Win A Backstage Pass Signed by Willie Nelson!

For all of our loyal fans at home – you may not be at the concert
today, but we’ve got a special blog-only trivia quiz! That’s fun and all, but there’s got to be a prize, right? Get something nobody else will have: a Backstage Pass for Farm Aid’s 2008 concert signed by Willie Nelson!

Write answers to the 7 questions below in an email by 11pm tonight, along with your name and city/state. We’ll choose one lucky winner by random drawing of all the entries with correct answers and let him or her know via email. Send an email to with “Farm Aid Trivia” in the subject line.

  1. The first U.S. soil survey was performed in Massachusetts in what year?
  2. What number is Massachusetts ranked nationally in value of average direct market sales per farm at $24,900 per farm?
  3. Female farm operators account for what percent of the farm operators in MA?
  4. What county has more farmland and more farms than any other county in the commonwealth of Massachusetts?
  5. What two berries does Massachusetts rank 2nd nationally in production of?
  6. What type of agricultural products are the leading source of farm income in Massachusetts?
  7. What is the name of the upheaval led by debt-ridden farmers in Western Massachusetts when the state failed to undertake reform after the American Revolution?

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