Blog | September 21, 2008

Farm Aid Trivia: The Answers Revealed!

Our Farm Aid Trivia Quiz is now over! Brian G. of Shrewsbury, MA has a Farm Aid Backstage Pass signed by Willie Nelson on the way! There were a few stumpers in there – if you want to know all the answers, just look below.

  1. The first U.S. soil survey was performed in Massachusetts in what year?
    Answer: 1830
  2. What number is Massachusetts ranked nationally in value of average direct market sales per farm at $24,900 per farm?
    Answer: First
  3. Female farm operators account for what percent of the farm operators in MA?
    Answer: 21%
  4. What county has more farmland and more farms than any other county in the commonwealth of Massachusetts?
    Answer: Worcester County
  5. What two berries does Massachusetts rank 2nd nationally in production of?
    Answer: Cranberries and Wild Blueberries
  6. What type of agricultural products are the leading source of farm income in Massachusetts?
    Answer: Greenhouse/nursery products like shrubs and flowers
  7. What is the name of the upheaval led by debt-ridden farmers in Western Massachusetts when the state failed to undertake reform after the American Revolution?
    Answer: Shay’s Rebellion

Thanks to everyone that played!

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