Blog | June 4, 2009

Farm Aid Supporters Speak Out on Poor Oversight of GE Crops

HildeEvery time you eat, you may unknowingly be eating food that has been genetically engineered (GE), a process that inserts foreign genes into plants and animals to give that organism certain traits it would not naturally have. While supporters claim this technology is safe, thorough testing was not completed before GE was introduced to our food chain. The USDA itself has admitted that it has not been able to prevent the accidental release of unapproved GE crops into the food chain. This is especially scary considering the practice of growing industrial chemicals and drugs in GE crops. In addition to our health, the livelihood of our family farmers is also threatened because we cannot guarantee that non-GE seeds will not be contaminated.

Even though the USDA promised consumers and farmers stricter oversight of GE crops by working to tighten controls that protect the safety of our food and fields, its most recent proposed rule would do the exact opposite and would significantly weaken the already loop-hole ridden regulation of GE crops.

The USDA accepted public comments on their proposed rule up until June 1, 2009. Through Farm Aid’s Action Center, 2,496 public comments were submitted, urging the new Administration to reject the proposed rule and take a fresh look at how GE crops are regulated.

Thanks to all Farm Aid supporters who took a stand on this important issue!

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