Blog | October 15, 2013

Farm Aid Music Tuesday Celebrates Neil Young at Farm Aid 2013

MattDue to the holiday weekend, I missed yesterday’s Music Monday. But fear not, there’s no rule against making it a Music Tuesday. Today I’ve got Neil Young’s set from this year’s concert. It was an interesting setlist, with a couple of Neil’s classic songs along with several cover songs from a diverse range of artists. Add in a little storytelling and Neil’s response to an audience heckler during “Changes” and you’ve got a very memorable performance.

The video playlist below contains:

  • "Blowin’ In the Wind" (Bob Dylan cover)
  • "Early Morning Rain" (Gordon Lightfoot cover)
  • "Old Man"
  • "Heart of Gold"
  • "Since I Met You Baby" (Ivory Joe Hunter cover)
  • "Reason to Believe" (Tim Hardin cover)
  • "Changes" (Phil Ochs cover)

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