Blog | October 29, 2012

Farm Aid Music Monday, Starring Jack Johnson at Farm Aid 2012

MattMusic Monday is back with more videos from Farm Aid 2012. It’s a bit scary on the East Coast today, with Hurricane Sandy closing offices (including the Farm Aid office), public transportation, causing evacuations and more. We’re preparing a list of resources to help family farmers cope with the storm’s aftermath, but for the time being there’s a lot of waiting for the full force of the storm to hit. So, I know I could use some relaxation!

Perhaps Jack Johnson, who appeared for the first time on the Farm Aid stage this year at Hersheypark Satdium, will take my mind off any impending natural disasters. We’re still in the process of posting more HD videos from his set, but here are five songs to start with. In order, they are: "Better Together," "Home," "Good People," "Flake," and "Mudfootball." Enjoy and be safe!

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