Blog | December 5, 2011

Farm Aid Music Monday, Starring Buddy Guy & John Mayer

MattThis Music Monday features a video that’s gotten a lot of enthusiastic comments on our YouTube channel. It’s blues and jazz legend Buddy Guy playing “What Kind of Woman Is This?” with John Mayer at Farm Aid 2005 in Tinley Park, Illinois. Why this video? Because people have said things like:

  • “That was a treat for the ears and´╗┐ soul. :)”
  • “Buddy Guy and John Mayer are just amazing!! The whole band is great. ­čÖé This is what i think is´╗┐ real music and should never be forgotten.”
  • “I’ve been waiting for YEARS now for somebody´╗┐ to upload a good quality version of this after! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
  • “This is likely THE best jam on´╗┐ YouTube! ~wow~”
  • “That was´╗┐ incredibly amazingly fantastic. it definitely needs more views. Share it guys ! Share it ! :O”

I can’t argue with words like that. Consider this video shared:

Looking for more Farm Aid videos? Find them on Farm Aid’s YouTube channel.

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