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Farm Aid Music Monday, Starring Arlo Guthrie & Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

MattToday’s Music Monday features all 16.5 minutes of Arlo Guthrie’s classic song “Alice’s Restaurant,” which has become something of a Thanksgiving tradition for many music fans. Arlo performed at the very first Farm Aid in 1985 and has joined us seven more times over the years in support of family farmers. Here’s his performance from 2005 in Tinley Park, Illinois:

Last week, we asked people in our Putting it into Practice column and on our Facebook page for ways in which they’re honoring family farmers on Thanksgiving. Here are a few highlights, starting with a haiku poem from the commenter “HOMEGROWNer” (there were a few other haiku poems submitted, so if you’re a fan go take a look!):

Thanksgiving draws near
Haikus making me hungry
Thanks, family farmers!
Turkeys, turnips, yum
Stuffing takes the cake (or, pie)
Tryptophan, oh no!!

Nina M. responded on our Facebook page with the makings of a great Thanksgiving meal:

Picked up my turkey from a local farm yesterday. Today I picked up my pie from local baker using locally made cream, local eggs, fresh, local pumpkin. Whipping some local cream tomorrow for the pie. Locally made bread for my stuffing.

But the person whose table I would have liked to have been seated at has to be commenter “llc”:

Turkeys – 45 lbs of local free range meat from Clark Family Farm
Roasted Root Vegetables – from MAD Farm & Hoyland Farm
Mashed Potatoes – from Hoyland Farm & Iwig Dairy
Goat Cheese Appetizer – from Goddard Farm
Asian Slaw – with radishes from Moon on the Meadow

Other ingredients include:
Eggs from Stony Point Farm
Italian sausage from Beeler Farm
Bread made with local flour from Wheatfield’s Bakery

Everything else is mostly organic and sourced as local as possible…. the one “farm” we did not support was the farm that raises salmon… ours is wild caught from Alaska….

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!

Thank you for supporting your local farmers!

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