Blog | October 2, 2010

Farm Aid 25 Press Event

From Farm AId Blogger Ryan LaLonde:

The Media are Coming, The Media are Coming.

At this year’s press event, one could hear echoes of cracking bats and the lingering smell of roasted peanuts, because the stage for the event was plopped right in the middle of the Helfaer Field, the little league field just outside of Miller Park.

Media of all kinds packed the roads out front and the bleachers of the field. The stage was set-up on the pitchers mound – with photographers acting as lawn ornaments in the front.

It was a little cold but when the sun peeked through the clouds, it was quite bearable. As one local stated – “It is all a state of mind.”

In addition to different media outlets being attendance – including Judy Woodruff from PBS – who asked for directions as I made a pit stop at the “boys” room – there were many local family farmers. Like urban farmer Will Allen, dairy farmer Sarah Lloyd and third generation farmer Tony Schultz. All these people, at least in the eyes of the performing artists, are the true celebrities here at the concert.

It is true. The performers believe in the cause – that is why they are here. When they get to meet a family farmer, their eyes light up and they ask so many questions. At a certain point we have to pull them apart so the performers can perform!

Some other Farm Aid backers in attendance were political officials like Sen. Feingold, USDA’s Sherry Sherrod and Tom Barrett running for Wisconsin Governor. And some TV/public personalities lending their name to the cause like Tavis Smiley, Anna Lappe and Chef Michael Symon.

Check out what Dave Matthews had to say about Farm Fresh food at the Farm Aid Press Event!

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