Willie Nelson performs at Farm Aid 2022.
Willie Nelson performs at Farm Aid 2022. Photo © Sharon Carone

Blog | October 24, 2022

Farm Aid 2022 – A Breakdown by the Numbers

by Matt Glidden

For all of us at Farm Aid, last month’s festival was an energizing celebration of music and food in support of family farmers. Whether you were there with us in Raleigh or took part at home, we hope it was a meaningful day that reminded you of what farmers do for all of us, from providing us with good food to growing solutions for climate change. Today, we’re looking back at Farm Aid 2022 to share experiences of fans in the crowd and people working backstage.

John Mellencamp on stage at Farm Aid 2022

John Mellencamp on stage at Farm Aid 2022. Photo © Scott Streble


Incredible performances on the Farm Aid stage. You can relive your favorites with photos and videos right here.

Farm Aid 2022 crowd

Photo © Scott Streble


Festivalgoers joined us at Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Not all of them messed up the lyrics during the sing-along for John Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane,” but most of them did!)

Triangle Land Conservancy table at Farm Aid 2022

Triangle Land Conservancy in the HOMEGROWN Village at Farm Aid 2022. Photo © Scott Streble


Local and national organizations participated in our HOMEGROWN Village, with exhibits focused on solutions that family farm agriculture can have on climate change.

Woman standing at table for the Farm Aid 2022 Seed Swap

The Farm Aid 2022 Seed Swap. Photo © Lise Metzger


HOMEGROWN Skills demonstrations that encouraged festivalgoers to dig in by learning how to harvest food in their backyards, growing mushrooms, saving seeds and more. Learning materials and how-tos are available here.

young woman petting goat at Farm Aid 2022

Featured guest at the HOMEGROWN Mini-Farm at Farm Aid 2022. Photo © Scott Streble


Approximate number of pets and snuggles festivalgoers gave to the amazingly cute heritage breed animals in the HOMEGROWN Mini-Farm.

Catering volunteers at Farm Aid 2022

Catering volunteers at Farm Aid 2022. Photo © Scott Streble


Pounds of food donated to local food rescue organizations from HOMEGROWN Concessions® and catering to reduce waste and feed the community.

tattoos at Farm Aid 2022

Tattoos at Farm Aid 2022


Areas to get temporary farm-related tattoos in the HOMEGROWN Village. (As far as we know, no permanent tattoos were inked at the festival.)

Volunteers at Farm Aid 2022

Volunteers at Farm Aid 2022. Photo © Scott Streble


Volunteers helped make Farm Aid 2022 possible. Thank you!

woman holding a pork chop at Farm Aid 2022

Festivalgoer Savi Horne, an incredible North Carolina farm advocate, enjoys a pork chop from Patchwork Family Farms at Farm Aid 2022. Photo © Lise Metzger


Menu items in HOMEGROWN Concessions® enjoyed by fans throughout the venue. Nine menu items featured North Carolina-pastured pork. All the ingredients were grown with sustainable practices, sourced from family farms, and a fair price was paid to the farmers.

Compost Your Scraps table at Farm Aid 2022

Compost Your Scraps table at Farm Aid 2022. Photo © Alexandria Ward


Pounds of food waste and compostable products were collected and composted by our Green Team volunteers and diverted from the landfill.

young people at Farm Aid 2022's HOMEGROWN Youthmarket

The HOMEGROWN Youthmarket at Farm Aid 2022. Photo © Scott Streble


HOMEGROWN Youthmarkets, staffed by local young people, sold fresh fruit and nuts to festivalgoers.

Farmer holding a microphone on a farm tour before Farm Aid 2022

Thomas Savage of Allied Organic Farms leading a tour that took place the day before Farm Aid 2022. Photo © Lise Metzger


People took part in our pre-festival events focused on, “Equity, Climate, Ag and The Way Forward.” Five farms were visited on our farm tours, and one documentary film called The Smell of Money was screened.

HeadCount booth at Farm Aid 2022

The HeadCount table in the Farm Aid 2022 HOMEGROWN Village. Photo © Scott Streble


Of people registered to vote or verified their voter status with our partners from HeadCount to participate in this year’s election.

The News & Observer cover from Farm Aid 2022

The News & Observer cover from Farm Aid 2022


Media stories about Farm Aid 2022 in outlets like Billboard, Rolling Stone, Raleigh News & Observer and more the week of September 24 and in the weeks since.

Thank you for celebrating family farmers with us this year. Make sure to wear your support of family farmers year-round by purchasing Farm Aid 2022 merch. And stay tuned to our YouTube channel for more music and videos.

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