Blog | February 1, 2012

Ethan’s Farm and Food Roundup

EthanA man-made cross plant that grows both tomatoes and potatoes has given Kenyan farmers something to smile about. The plant allows farmers to maximize their land use and cut down on input costs for raising both tomatoes and potatoes on different plots of land. Farmers say the cross plant doesn’t hinder the quality of the produce in any way.

Is it fair to say that urban farming is the future of our food system? Maybe not the whole solution for the future, but there is certainly a role to be played by high-rise greenhouses and rooftop gardens. If food prices continue to increase, buying local in an urban setting might mean a short walk across the street. What do you think about vertical farms popping up in our future cities?

Washington State is endorsing a bill that will require that all GE foods are labeled appropriately by 2014. “People have the right to know what they’re eating,” explained Senator Maralyn Chase. As the bill unfolds and comes to light, it may be combined with a GMO labeling bill and presented as a package.

Concern about the origin of meat is growing. People are willing to pay more for meat that was grown eating organic food, had ample living space, sufficient time outdoors, and was not fed antibiotics or growth hormones. Over time, we may see a growing trend of butchers and restaurants displaying close relationships with the farms and farmers that raised their food.

Who says sleeping in comfort is just something for humans? Cows in Ohio were given dual chamber waterbeds to sleep in at night. Since the instillation, the cow’s milk quality has greatly increased and the waterbeds have helped to reduce somatic cell count that can lead to a painful utter disease called mastitis. The end result? Happy cows and even happier farmers.

And a final bit of farm and food news: Farm Aid’s headed to the Super Bowl! Visit our site for more information on the farmers that are making it possible for us to serve HOMEGROWN Chili and for recipes to make your own if you’re not headed to Indianapolis yourself.

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