Blog | January 24, 2020

Dave Matthews talks about Farm Aid’s HOMEGROWN Concessions®

The food served at each Farm Aid festival is pretty special: family farm-identified ingredients that are sustainably produced, utilizing ecological practices, with a commitment to a fair price for farmers. At the most recent Farm Aid (Farm Aid 2019), we were lucky enough to catch Dave Matthews for a chat about the food served at Farm Aid festivals and how it affects both farmers and festivalgoers alike.

Farm Aid’s HOMEGROWN Concessions® is the first-of-its-kind model for featuring family farm-identified, local and organic foods at major concert events. HOMEGROWN Concessions® has fed more than 283,000 festivalgoers since its introduction in 2007 at the HOMEGROWN Festival at Randall’s Island in New York City. It has served as a model for entertainment events, including the Super Bowl and a variety of music festivals and venues that have embraced the Good Food Movement in concessions.

Learn more about HOMEGROWN Concessions® and view a sample menu.

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