Blog | December 23, 2011

Chipotle Mexican Grill supports America’s family farmers

GlendaIn 2011, Chipotle Mexican Grill delivered outstanding support to America’s family farmers.

Willie Nelson’s rendition of “Back to the Start” zipped around the web in September to reveal (and reverse) the horror of factory farms. And then the video moved into movie theaters.

In August, Chipotle Mexican Grill joined Farm Aid 2011 in Kansas City, with the local Kansas City stores participating in the concert event.

Chipotle’s Boo-rito campaign on Halloween launched with another video, this time the dark and spooky “Abandoned” which explored what’s left in an empty farmhouse. Nearly 250,000 people in farm-y costumes poured into the restaurants on Halloween! Farmer wannabes and farm animals mingled for $2 burritos, all to benefit Farm Aid and the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation. And almost 1,300 folks sent their photos into Chipotle to vie for the awards for best costume.

Farm Aid staff in their family farmer costumes for Boo-rito!

It’s deeply gratifying to share the mission of Good Food from Family farms with Chipotle.

The funds raised for Farm Aid ($285,000!) go right to work keeping family farmers on the land growing good food for all.

Thanks to the lively, good spirited people at Chipotle, we had lots of fun working together.


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