Blog | August 9, 2006

Chico’s calling all farm dogs!

A lot of people are interested in knowing who will be at Farm Aid this year. Of course, Farm Aid’s artist board of directors, Willie, Neil, John and Dave, will be there but additional artists are always invited. The complete lineup hasn’t been announced yet and I’d like to give you the scoop but I’d be banished from the office if I did!

I hope that some of the artists will bring their dogs to the show so that I’ll have some friends to hang out with backstage. I was just a pup last year so I didn’t get to go to the show, but I heard that Emmylou Harris brought her dog friend with her. Emmylou does a lot for rescue dogs because not all dogs are as lucky in life as I am. Neil had a couple pups on his bus too (and he sang my favorite song, “Old King,” about his favorite hound dog!).

I’m sure there are a lot of farm dogs that would like to go to the show; like their farmers, they could use a day off too! My mom says someday she hopes I’ll be a farm dog, but in the meantime, I’ll have to settle for herding the rabbits from our garden. If you’re a farm dog, I’d love to hear from you. Send me your photo and tell me about your job at!

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