Blog | September 20, 2008

Better Seats Through Exercise

With 3 tickets (two in the 2nd row and 1 in the 3rd) and 2 artists (Owen Thomas and Nathan Bennet of The Elms) in tow and Arlo Guthrie winding up his set on stage, intrepid Farm Aid staffer Kari Williams made her way to the very back of the Comcast Center. Her mission–to upgrade three concert goers from the lawn to those amazing seats. A quick tour of lawn brought her to three young guys enjoying some Hacky Sack. She stopped them, asked how they were enjoying the show and then dropped the news that their view of the stage was about to get way better. Michael, Greg and Bob were shocked by their luck. The trio had only met thirty minutes earlier when they started their game and now they were going to share an incredible Farm Aid experience. Asked when they would be moving to their new seats, the guys responded “as soon as we finish our sack.”

That’s Farm Aid–bringing people together!

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