Action | September 13, 2012

Don’t Leave Our Family Farmers High and Dry – Call Congress Today!

AliciaWell folks, it’s do or die time for the 2012 Farm Bill.

Today, Congress is deciding on the future of the farm bill – making decisions that will affect farmers and our food supply for years to come. They’ll either step up to the plate or leave us all high and dry by letting the Farm Bill expire. We can’t let that happen.

Nothing matters more than your voice. As we face one of the most disastrous droughts in a generation, we need smart, long-term solutions. Unless Congress takes action, the Farm Bill will expire on September 30th along with hundreds of millions of dollars for disaster aid, conservation, sustainable agriculture, economic development, and beginning farmer support.

We have to weigh in today.

Take action on our site to email Congress. Then call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to connect to your Senators and Representatives.

The message is simple:

“Don’t walk away from America’s family farmers and ranchers. Pass the 2012 Farm Bill and fully fund farm bill programs for disaster aid, conservation, beginning farmers, local food, organic agriculture, and rural jobs that expire on September 30th – programs that create jobs in rural communities, help farmers seize market opportunities, and invest in the next generation of farmers.”

I’m calling. Will you join me?

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