Family Farm Disaster Fund


Photo: Bo RadEr/The Wichita Eagle

Ranchers in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas are dealing with the impact of massive wildfires that have ravaged more than 2 million acres of land and thousands of cattle, taking the lives of several ranchers who worked to protect their animals from the blaze.

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Family farm disaster fund

Farm Aid created the Family Farm Disaster Fund to help farm families survive weather-related disasters. Few businesses are as vulnerable to natural disasters as farms. In times of drought, flooding, or other natural disasters, farmers can lose their crops and livestock, and with them their income for the year. Weather disasters also cause non-crop losses that can impact farms for years to come, and force families off their land. Additionally, the emotional toll of weather disasters can hit hardest after the immediate response period has ended, when farmers least expect it.

The farmers who are most at risk during times of disaster are often the farmers who are building local and sustainable food systems that are so crucial for thriving local economies and communities.

Farm Aid helps family farmers through disasters by:

  • Answering farmer calls on our hotline, 1-800-FARM-AID. Farm families facing extreme stress need a sympathetic ear—someone to listen and provide relief from the anxiety and desperation they may be experiencing. The Farm Aid hotline provides that as well as referrals to farm organizations and support services through our extensive Farmer Resource Network.
  • Providing emergency funds for families to cover family household and medical expenses. Through churches and service organizations operating in the region, Farm Aid ensures that the money goes to farm families most in need.
  • Connecting farmers in danger of losing their farms to legal and financial resources. When farmers need help to avoid foreclosure due to losses from natural disasters, Farm Aid and the partners we fund are there to help.
  • Convening workshops and public meetings that bring farmers together with experts who know the intricate ins and outs of applying for available disaster assistance.

Farm Aid has 30 years of experience responding immediately to family farmers in the face of disasters. Donations to the Family Farm Disaster Fund help Farm Aid directly address the needs of farms affected by weather disasters.

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