Blog | December 31, 2012

Together we made a difference for family farmers

CarolynFarm Aid relies on the support of people like you to do the year-round work to keep family farmers on the land. We truly appreciate that you’re a partner in this work with us.

Click here to give a gift to Farm Aid now. Your tax-deductible donation will enable us to build on Farm Aid’s solid accomplishments for family farmers in 2012.

This year, with your help, Farm Aid:

  • Assisted farmers affected by the worst drought in more than 50 years.
  • Answered nearly 800 hotline calls from farmers, ranging from farmers in crisis to new and beginning farmers just getting started on the land.
  • Gave $532,300 in grants, supporting 67 farm and rural service organizations around the country that help farmers thrive, increase availability of family farm food, and take action to change the dominant industrial food system.
  • Raised thousands of voices demanding support for new farmers, for conservation programs that protect our soil and water, for fair markets for farmers and ranchers, and for transparency in our food system.
  • Brought together farm advocates in Pennsylvania, from across the country, to strengthen and grow a network of first responders who provide resources to farmers in need.
  • Led the nation in standing up for family farms with inspiring music and cultural change in our food system.

All of this extraordinary work makes a real difference in the lives of farm families, and all of us who eat. But we can’t do this work without you. Please, don’t miss your last chance in 2012 to keep family farmers on the land.

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