Blog | September 1, 2011

Meeting the Hardy Family at Farm Aid 2011

GlendaThe red-shirted Horizon Organic farmers always stand out in the crowd at Farm Aid concerts. It’s wonderful to have these dairy farmers mingling with the many other kinds of farmers, especially in HOMEGROWN Village’s FarmYard. Farmers definitely enjoy meeting each other and talking about their farms!

Concertgoers get to meet farmers, too! I was so pleased to be introduced to Henry and Theresa Hardy and their family from Farmington, Maine as the Horizon Organic Hope Award winners. The whole family—including their two Ashleys! (one is a daughter-in-law)— attended Farm Aid 2011 to claim their award. I know that the “twice-a-day” dedication to milking cows means that travel is a challenge, and it’s terrific that Horizon Organic makes it possible for these farmers to enjoy the Farm Aid concert.

Considering the hundreds of excellent family farmers in the Horizon Organic pool, I am certain the Hardys run a truly impressive operation. I’m always fascinated by the complexity and beauty of an organic dairy farm. Since the Farm Aid office is here in New England, I hope I can go on a field trip sometime to their farm!

Here are Henry and Theresa showing off the Horizon Organic carton featuring their farm and admiring the cake that celebrates 20 years of Horizon Organic:

(Photo by Cathy McDermott-Tingle)

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